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Well, I am minutes away from my first "rehearsal" with kids.  I am excited, but a little depressed, too.  It's the beginning of the year and I have started getting a few of "those" notes.  The ones from home.  I don't get a lot, but I always get a few at the beginning of the year.  'So-and-so has decided to stop doing Band.'  First of all, I honestly don't think it should be entirely up to the student!  Read my thoughts on the FQMS Band Wiki on Quitting Band.  Most depressing for me is when people say it is so that the student may "focus on academics."  Honestly, I had an unweighted 4.0 GPA and was a National Merit Scholar when I decided to major in music.  I chose music because it was the most academically stimulating coursework that I had in my schedule!  I was enrolled in the most advanced courses in every subject that my high school offered, but it was only in music that I was able to push myself without limits.  It was in music that I was allowed to always progress at my own pace, to explore, to stretch, to grow!  If you truly want to train yourself or your child to succeed -- real life skills that are simply too difficult to boil down to a test score -- keep your kid in Band.  If can do anything to help, please do not hesitate to stop in, talk to me, email me or call me.  I will be delighted to discuss this at any point.  Okay!  Now, I'd better get ready for my first rehearsal!



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