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The "prep week" is over and next week school begins!  Unfortunately, I won't be able to begin reehearsals next week.  Folly Quarter teachers and administrators have a lot of information to get out to all the students and we have special schedules many days of next week.  Here's a rough idea of what's going on:


Monday, Aug. 31: No Instruments, No Band.

Tuesday, Sept. 1: No Instruments, No Band.  Band Sign-Up during Lunch.

     Audition Music becomes available.

Wednesday, Sept. 2: No Instruments, No Band.

Thursday, Sept. 3: No Instruments.  Hopefully, our first day of Band!

Friday, Sept, 4: No school for students.


Monday, Sept. 7: Labor Day. No School.

Tuesday, Sept. 8: No Instruments. In Band we will be Team Building.

Wednesday, Sept. 9: BRING INSTRUMENTS! Band.

Thursday, Sept. 10: Instruments and Band.

Friday, Sept. 11: Instruments and Band.  G/T Band Applications Due.


I can't wait to get started!  We have a lot of great music for this year!  I hope you had a great summer ... Did you play a lot during Summer Break?  Did you go to a Music Camp?  Did you travel?  Swim?  Get a lot of sun?  I had a really exciting summer, and I am looking forward to making music with you!

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