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Posted By Mr. Spang

What a great day!  It began with our Trophy Shelves being installed!  I've been trying to get shelves installed for all our "hardware" for years.  Mr. B of the RHHS Music Boosters let us have a couple of shelves that could not be used at RHHS.  Physical Plant came out at the request of our wonderful chief custodian and installed them today.  They even took the time to arrange all our trophies up on top, and I gotta tell you, they look great!  I am also happy that they are now up somewhere safe, and much more proudly and prominently displayed!

Then, after school, we had the first rehearsal by the Blue Jazz Band.  The first rehearsal is always a bit rough, as kids learn where to sit, how to read "jazz," and take in some sightreading.  Well, this is the biggest Blue Jazz Band I think FQMS has ever fielded, and I must say, they sounded pretty great for the first rehearsal!  I was really pleased, and I am excited for what these kids will accomplish this year.  Now, on to tomorrow and the first rehearsal by the Gold Jazz Band !!!

Our new Student GT Intern, Matt Wigler, was there and promises to make this a really interesting year for FQMS Jazz!  Make sure you check out his website at . You have to see and hear Matt to believe what this FQMS Alumn can do!

Posted By Mr. Spang

I am excited to say that I have added Vocabulary Lists to the Band Wiki site.  This will allow parents and students to better study at home, and get accurate definitions on days that they were absent or making up work for another class.  Just follow the link from the Band website to the Wiki, and then click on Vocabulary.





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