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Hi Everybody! Happy Halloween!  We just got back from trick-or-treating with my kids.  Earlier this afternoon I got to see and hear the Glenelg Jazz Ensemble in concert with their guests from Freiburg, Germany.  What a great concert!  I was blown away by how good the bands sounded, especially for so early in the school year ... it was also wonderful to see so many current FQMS families in the audience.  What a great way to spend Halloween afternoon!  I was really proud by my former FQMS kids in the band -- a big shout out to Graham, Steven, Doug, Andrew, Katie and Bobby!

I am really excited by our own Jazz Bands at Folly Quarter!  We had our first Gold Jazz Band rehearsal last Wednesday and it was an incredible rehearsal -- we blew through three tunes and the band was swinging!  We ended with "Frankenstein" in honor of Halloween and just rocked out.  Wait 'til you hear these kids in concert!

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I am so excited and proud of our FQMS musicians!  Congratulations to Alicia Ouyang (flute), Jackie Cohen (bass clarinet), Selby Stout (bari sax), Karl Brown (trumpet), Bauer Xiong (trumpet), Chris Buckley (trombone), Gwynn Marsh-Armstrong (trombone), and Logan Faulconer (percussion).  These students were selected for the Howard County Middle School Gifted & Talented Symphonic Band!  I am so proud of all the students who auditioned - many kids took advantage of the after-school opportunity to prepare difficult audition music and represent Folly Quarter so well!

I am gearing up and psyched for Jazz Band Auditions!  They are coming up soon (Oct. 21) and I think we will have a couple great ensembles!

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It's Monday morning and I have coffee by my side.  I am saddened by the recent tragedies that have struck band families over the past week and I want to express my heartfelt sympathies to all of those (of us, really) that have suffered your loss.  I am certain that a discussion of the power of music in times of tragedy will arrise.  We certainly will endeavor to play music to express our feelings and soothe our souls.

I am lucky, today, too.  I am excited by the students that have "decided to become heroes," choosing to take on the task of learning a new instrument.  We have had students step forward to learn tuba and french horn, as well bari sax.  Two new tuba players!!!  I am still looking for those special musicians who will consider baritone or euphonium, oboe, or bassoon.  I'd really love to have another sixth grader consider playing french horn.  I have been blown away by the progress made by our beginning clarinetists, and can only hope for such progress by other musicians!  Remember, middle school is the best time to swich instruments ... although you may consider that "I've always played the flute," or whatever your instrument is, at graduation from high school, you'll look back at your musical career so far and say "I've played flute for two years before I began the oboe, which I have played for the last six years ..."




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