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The "prep week" is over and next week school begins!  Unfortunately, I won't be able to begin reehearsals next week.  Folly Quarter teachers and administrators have a lot of information to get out to all the students and we have special schedules many days of next week.  Here's a rough idea of what's going on:


Monday, Aug. 31: No Instruments, No Band.

Tuesday, Sept. 1: No Instruments, No Band.  Band Sign-Up during Lunch.

     Audition Music becomes available.

Wednesday, Sept. 2: No Instruments, No Band.

Thursday, Sept. 3: No Instruments.  Hopefully, our first day of Band!

Friday, Sept, 4: No school for students.


Monday, Sept. 7: Labor Day. No School.

Tuesday, Sept. 8: No Instruments. In Band we will be Team Building.

Wednesday, Sept. 9: BRING INSTRUMENTS! Band.

Thursday, Sept. 10: Instruments and Band.

Friday, Sept. 11: Instruments and Band.  G/T Band Applications Due.


I can't wait to get started!  We have a lot of great music for this year!  I hope you had a great summer ... Did you play a lot during Summer Break?  Did you go to a Music Camp?  Did you travel?  Swim?  Get a lot of sun?  I had a really exciting summer, and I am looking forward to making music with you!

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I am really excited by how the Audio Yearbook turned out!  However, it was not ready until late summer, so I will be distributing them during the first week of Band.  Students who have moved on to high school or have moved away will get their copies delievered or sent out via US Mail.  I am sorry it wasn't ready sooner, but the final editing proved troublesome.... Trust me, though: the final product was worth it!  It really makes me excited about this upcoming year!

Hope you had a great summer!


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I've spent some time this summer learning to install and use this new blog.  This blog is much easier for me to use, edit and update, thus allowing me to blog more often!  It's my hope to update this blog neary every day.  Also, this new tool can allow you to comment on some of my blog entries.  We'll see how this goes!  I hope you work to keep me honest about blogging often.




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